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Vogue Australia

Jessica appeared on the cover of Vogue – an Australian edition. There is also a new photoshoot, which is in charge of great photographer Patrick Demarchelier. I personally like that the photos are not all colored, but that they are also black and white, which made me really happy. In an interview for the magazine, she talked about her childhood, asthma, and about the fact that when Honor was born, she became more interested in her surroundings and especially in the environment. In the pictures Jessica is wearing the Calvin Klein collection.

About Honest Company: It’s great. I had to pinch myself to believe everything because I talked about it for several years and suddenly it is here.
To achieve the goal: Making the idea a reality is great. But there is also responsibility, efforts to maintain and grow business, but that has been going on for years. So that’s right, every step forward at this time is good, my goal is far, but I’m coming. I try to confront the challenges and not get stuck, it is always good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And here are the photos, they are really nice. Later I will add scans :)