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Update – Candids (May 2017).

Update – Candids (May 2017).

I’m not able to manage, I’m not enough…: D Well, when I had a vacation, it wasn’t so much, it is now every other day. Well, probably the law of approval. So now I throw it into one article and a few of them with older photos, let me at least catch up. (By the way, if you’d like to make updates for me, I don’t have a problem with it: DA don’t report everybody: D)




Nothing appeared for a long time until it was strange to me, because Jessica always had a bunch of photos every day, and now there was just a pause, and nowhere was anything, sometimes just once a week or twice a week. That was one big surprise until I began to think that Jessica had a special deal with the photographers, that she was going to the canals, or that she had a special pipeline from home to business: D: D to say. Only then suddenly appeared quite a lot of photos from April 3 and April 4 , when Jessica flew to New Jersey at the event Honest Beauty Makeovers (article below). On her way she was accompanied by her dad Mark Alba.


Soooo and we’re at December, it’s just the beginning, so maybe I’m pursuing. So far, only two series of photos have appeared from December 3. Jessica went to UCLA with Cash and they both enjoyed it, and especially Jessica. She can be seen as a big fan. And the other pictures are from the arrival to the office.

Paparazzi update (Part III.)

And the last part of November photos. In a moment I will throw on December, and as it is only early December, so I can do quickly.

Paparazzi update (Part II.)

Another part of the update, the penultimate. Photos are still from November. Just in a nutshell, because I’m trying to catch up with me so I don’t get too much in time and I can add updates as they come, but I don’t think I can do it even if I want too much :)

Paparazzi update (Part I.)

Editing number one. There were a lot of photos so I could only add them to the gallery and I didn’t make updates, but what you do with me, it looks like no one is coming, so why would I: DS updates are so late, I plan to add it, but then I don’t get to it at all and I’m messing with it and messing around with everything. So let’s get started and this is the first half or third or quarter of the November pictures.