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Únor – February 2018


Update – Candids (May 2017).

Update – Candids (May 2017).

I’m not able to manage, I’m not enough…: D Well, when I had a vacation, it wasn’t so much, it is now every other day. Well, probably the law of approval. So now I throw it into one article and a few of them with older photos, let me at least catch up. (By the way, if you’d like to make updates for me, I don’t have a problem with it: DA don’t report everybody: D)


New Layout

New Layout

New layout is here for a while (ie if anyone ever noticed: D). I have been going for a little change and layout change for a long time, but not and not to choose a designer, or as people call it. : D Anyway, I finally chose and yes, again (at least for me) it is the most clever and best “designer” Lily !! In the last few years, a layouts on the web like and pay just worth it, and Lily just suits me, that will not have any way difficult to negotiate in English . And above all, he can advise , install everything that is needed and so on. It is just communicationthe best choice for me !

On the layout are used photos by W. Davidson for Allure , for me it was one of the best photoshootů last year, such a nice summer and smiling. The colors of the layout are fresh , the menu has moved to the left , which is just a minor change. Each box has a different color , which is so special to me, but I think it looks good and it is really livelier. Something else to color … they are really nice and everything is well coordinated . For me personally, it is really cool .

I try sometimes to finish the sections, yes, I write it for every layout, but finally I would like to give it a bit of a little extra. But we’ll see how I can do it. Furthermore, I look forward to the next new layout, which will come to this site. It will certainly be great again. That’s all, and I have no choice but to ask: So, how do you like the new look of the site ?? :) (Click for preview)



New photos are still growing in the gallery, I still do not manage to put it on the web, but as always I promise that I will actually try to somehow correct and add something here more often. Plus I will also try to finally finish the sections, and so on and so on. So click on the gallery and look at the photos :)

New gallery layout


After a long time there is a new layout. Not on this main page, but as most of you may have noticed, it’s in the gallery. I thought I’d try and it worked. On flaunt.nu there is a section of extras where they write applications once a month for a few sites for sites, which they do a layout for free. And I think the designer is really clever, maybe I also ask for a layout on this main page, but I don’t know yet, I’m still thinking. I chose these photos and then these, eventually the others were chosen for Cosmopolitan, but I don’t mind at all, because the result looks really good. Colors are nicely coordinated, I like the style too. It is just a long time change and in my opinion a little better. For me I’m absolutely excited, but it can be read from the whole article, because the layout just praise and praise and praise. Well, who’s responsible? As I wrote, so Extras.flaunt.nu and for them the designer Lilianne . For me really great and great job. So what next? I do not know what to write about, just look at the preview or look straight into the gallery .

“Mechanic: Resurrection” premiere

As you all know, Jessica is one of the main stars in Mechanic: Resurrection , which is a sequel to Mechanic’s eponymous movie. Jessica played alongside Jason Statham. And since this film is new, the Los Angeles premiere was held on August 22 . For the premiere, Jessica wore a mermaid dress that was cut in colors: white, green, yellow, and black. There were flower patterns on this dress. Plus she added a dark green handbag. I personally like her outfit very much and especially Jessica has a great character so she can afford something like that. :) Enjoy photos.

PS: I will try to catch up with everything, updates, photos, plus try to work on the web. So hopefully.

Mechanic: Resurrection

Jessica made a new movie with Jason Statham. This is a sequel to Mechanic. Recently, the trailer for the movie appeared, as well as some stillsky and posters. I added the photos to the gallery so you can check them out. :)

Instyle (July 2016)


Recently, as Jessica was on a ladies ride in Hawaii – it was during their birthday, so she shot photoshoot for Instyle . These photos will appear in the July issue of this magazine and are under the responsibility of my photographer Thomas Whiteside . On the headline, Jessica has a Victoria Beckham dress. In the magazine she talked about what it was like and what it was like to be a sex symbol. “My sexuality was very unpleasant for me. I remember my first photoshoot for Maxim, they told me how to pose, how to look and so on. I thought, ‘I’m only 19. I’m still a virgin. I don’t even know how to do it. ‘ It was so embarrassing for me. ”The first time Jessica took her dress and heels was when she went to Golden Globes, where she was nominated for Dark Angel. She took her brother with her and thought she would never fall. You can read more of the interview for this magazine in the July issue ( it may also appear here, but since I am still waiting for Cosmopolitan with Jessica to be on the headline, I am not so sure of Instyl either: D ).

New layout

As you have noticed, there is a new layout. Soon I will write a little more about it, just now I have to make even smaller finishes, and I mean the menu :) Edit movie descriptions, page info and so on and so on. When everything is done, I will give more information about the layout.

PS: Watch the gallery, new photos are still growing. :)

Vogue Australia

Jessica appeared on the cover of Vogue – an Australian edition. There is also a new photoshoot, which is in charge of great photographer Patrick Demarchelier. I personally like that the photos are not all colored, but that they are also black and white, which made me really happy. In an interview for the magazine, she talked about her childhood, asthma, and about the fact that when Honor was born, she became more interested in her surroundings and especially in the environment. In the pictures Jessica is wearing the Calvin Klein collection.

About Honest Company: It’s great. I had to pinch myself to believe everything because I talked about it for several years and suddenly it is here.
To achieve the goal: Making the idea a reality is great. But there is also responsibility, efforts to maintain and grow business, but that has been going on for years. So that’s right, every step forward at this time is good, my goal is far, but I’m coming. I try to confront the challenges and not get stuck, it is always good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And here are the photos, they are really nice. Later I will add scans :)