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New Layout

New Layout

New layout is here for a while (ie if anyone ever noticed: D). I have been going for a little change and layout change for a long time, but not and not to choose a designer, or as people call it. : D Anyway, I finally chose and yes, again (at least for me) it is the most clever and best “designer” Lily !! In the last few years, a layouts on the web like and pay just worth it, and Lily just suits me, that will not have any way difficult to negotiate in English . And above all, he can advise , install everything that is needed and so on. It is just communicationthe best choice for me !

On the layout are used photos by W. Davidson for Allure , for me it was one of the best photoshootů last year, such a nice summer and smiling. The colors of the layout are fresh , the menu has moved to the left , which is just a minor change. Each box has a different color , which is so special to me, but I think it looks good and it is really livelier. Something else to color … they are really nice and everything is well coordinated . For me personally, it is really cool .

I try sometimes to finish the sections, yes, I write it for every layout, but finally I would like to give it a bit of a little extra. But we’ll see how I can do it. Furthermore, I look forward to the next new layout, which will come to this site. It will certainly be great again. That’s all, and I have no choice but to ask: So, how do you like the new look of the site ?? :) (Click for preview)

New gallery layout


After a long time there is a new layout. Not on this main page, but as most of you may have noticed, it’s in the gallery. I thought I’d try and it worked. On flaunt.nu there is a section of extras where they write applications once a month for a few sites for sites, which they do a layout for free. And I think the designer is really clever, maybe I also ask for a layout on this main page, but I don’t know yet, I’m still thinking. I chose these photos and then these, eventually the others were chosen for Cosmopolitan, but I don’t mind at all, because the result looks really good. Colors are nicely coordinated, I like the style too. It is just a long time change and in my opinion a little better. For me I’m absolutely excited, but it can be read from the whole article, because the layout just praise and praise and praise. Well, who’s responsible? As I wrote, so Extras.flaunt.nu and for them the designer Lilianne . For me really great and great job. So what next? I do not know what to write about, just look at the preview or look straight into the gallery .

New layout

As you have noticed, there is a new layout. Soon I will write a little more about it, just now I have to make even smaller finishes, and I mean the menu :) Edit movie descriptions, page info and so on and so on. When everything is done, I will give more information about the layout.

PS: Watch the gallery, new photos are still growing. :)