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And again some photoshoot, they are still only two photos, but maybe they will show up a little more, over time it will show what will happen. Otherwise, it is a photoshoot for Byrdie.com, which Jessica interviewed and where she wrote an article about her new brand Honest Beauty. Photos taken by Jessica’s good friend Justin Coit.

It only took a moment to talk to Jessica Alba to realize how enthusiastic she was in her new Honest Beauty collection. From product testing to mascara, Jessica picked me the mascara I took home from our meeting. And there’s plenty! Not only the standards for natural formulas and eco-friendship, but also the diversity is impressive: there is a face preparation with hyaluronic acid, 3 types of lip cosmetics (from lipsticks to glosses, a total of 16 shades) and an eyebrow pencil, you cannot list everything. There are also other fun details such as online tutorials (with Jessica herself) as well as a subscription option where subscribers receive 3 products each month. It should be noted that Jessica thought of everything. (And the recommended mascara? She changed my life.) More at byrdie.com