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The Honest Company and The GREAT. celebrate The GREAT Adventure

The Honest Company and The GREAT. celebrate The GREAT Adventure

Hawaii Appearances.

Jessica flew to 2 events in Hawaii to jump. She had apparently revealed big plans for 2017. She talked about her successful The Honest Company and that they are expanding more and more. For Forbes magazine, Jessica said:

“It has always been my interest to be truly in every room in every house and touch every part of your life. In 2017 we will be able to do this. It will be great… Now people are getting products right home every month. We changed their lives. For any entrepreneur, if you face a challenge, you must not let it win. We started using new active systems. We use new preservatives that have never been used before. We try to make everything absolutely safe. ”

Health safety is the main goal of Jessica’s firm. She has previously faced a few lawsuits for rashes and medical complications for some users. So I think improving products is a great idea. Both events took place in early December, December 3 (Honolulu) and December 4 (Pearl Harbor) .

2016 Milken Institut Global Conference


As the founder of a strong and well-known company Jessica, she appeared at the Milken Institute Global Conference . Jessica talked about how to have a successful business, how to achieve her goals and how to do business. It is true that last year The Honest Company faced a few lawsuits because of the dangers of sunscreen, but Jessica “survived” with grace and was not finished and still stands by her products. Why not? When she uses them all at home, and her girls use everything, so I personally think that everything about defects and unhealthy is just a big rumor. Look at the photos where Jessica really looks beautiful.

Springtime in Paris Diaper Collection


Jessica again strengthened her position on the market. Honest Company introduced new summer designs on diapers, the collection of which was called “Springtime in Paris” . The event took place in New York. On diapers in this collection of appear macaroons , Eiffel Tower , luggage and little cute puppies . According to some sources, it seems that these diapers will still be sold out. According to the photos, it looks like Jessica was in a good mood, chatting with guests and smiling. She wore a white dress that fell and looked really good.

New York – Part I.

Jessica Alba is now in New York, promoting her new Honest Beauty business(photos from the “launche” will also be added), which will deal with cosmetics, such as lip gloss, lipstick, makeup and more and more. She took her younger daughter Haven with her, even though journalists write in the pictures that Honor. She and Haven had a ladies’ afternoon. Jessica went with her to the playground and conversed with the photographers on the way there, she said, saying that when they wanted to take pictures of her daughter, they should be more careful and at least give them a little distance. I think at least that’s right, they shouldn’t stick to them and squeeze behind them, it really takes some distance. Otherwise, Jessica also took part in the filming of Good Morning America in New York, where the 5 million case of Honest sunscreen was solved. But more about that in the next article, which will also cover New York.