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Hawaii vacation.

Hawaii vacation.

First photos from vacation in Hawaii. I will try to get more of them, but somehow I am now totally without resources, so I find it harder to get photos. So far I have added to the gallery what I found. :) Otherwise, in some photos it seems to me that Jessica has a tummy. It is not possible to see it from the 14th of July, but in the pictures from the 15th it is a bit visible. I don’t know what it is, as if Jessica is definitely not the next baby, I wish her much. But maybe she just ate more: D Well, it just seems to me that this year on vacation in Hawaii too much cover and usually wearing a swimsuit or scarf. So I do not know I will see…

Hawaii vacation

It is so every year that Jessica leaves for vacation at the end of the year. In 2016 it was no different. She went with her family and her friend to Hawaii. Photos were fúúrou, so I add them all at once to have it all solved. :)

After returning from vacation, Jessica went to the doctor and then to the office, for a coffee and dinner at a restaurant.

Hawaii Appearances.

Jessica flew to 2 events in Hawaii to jump. She had apparently revealed big plans for 2017. She talked about her successful The Honest Company and that they are expanding more and more. For Forbes magazine, Jessica said:

“It has always been my interest to be truly in every room in every house and touch every part of your life. In 2017 we will be able to do this. It will be great… Now people are getting products right home every month. We changed their lives. For any entrepreneur, if you face a challenge, you must not let it win. We started using new active systems. We use new preservatives that have never been used before. We try to make everything absolutely safe. ”

Health safety is the main goal of Jessica’s firm. She has previously faced a few lawsuits for rashes and medical complications for some users. So I think improving products is a great idea. Both events took place in early December, December 3 (Honolulu) and December 4 (Pearl Harbor) .

Hawaii (July 2016)

I feel like it is every year that Jessica and her family go to Hawaii, but this year I think it’s probably there. : D I think she was there sometime at the beginning of the year (or at the end of last year? Or was it another time? Damn, I’m kind of getting involved: D), then during my birthday on a ladies ride and then on vacation with my family, but it is good that he relaxes and that he is also a bit more with his family. Photos from the last three days have appeared, but there are still some. And I have to say that it is obvious that Jessica really works and works hard every day. :)



Jessica took a trip to Hawaii again . This time, but not with the whole family (Cash, girls Honor and Haven), but it’s just a ladies’ ride that Jessica has enjoyed. This trip began the celebration of her half-jelly, the 35th birthday. Of course, she is not very excited that the photographers found her there and that she was taking pictures, but we can say that at least we have some pictures where we can say, “How is it possible that he looks like this after two children?!? ” . She took her friend Lauren Andersen, her mom Cathy, and probably a few other girls with her on the trip. There were also photos from some new photoshoot, so it was not just a trip, but also a business trip. Well, that’s probably all from me, check out the photos and see for yourself how great Jessica looks.

Maui, Hawaii


Jessica Alba and her family spent a few days on vacation in Hawaii , more specifically in Maui . There were photos from March 21 to March 23, but Jessica was there a few days longer, now she’s back again. 3 days and every day different swimwear. And especially Jessica’s character, which he regularly works in the gym and maintains a healthy lifestyle, like gentlemen, 2 children and looks so good.