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Good Morning America.

There was already a sound about the show in the show “Good Morning, America” or in the original title “Good Morning America”. Even photos from arrival, filming and departure have been added. Now I have added to the gallery photos from the show, as if “stillsky”. Jessica really did look good on the show and she smiled and enjoyed the show. :) Look at the photos and the whole album can be found on this link .

New York – Part II.

And here is the second part of the pictures from New York. These are paparazzi photos of Jessica, photos from the event / events will come in one of the other articles. There is so much now that before you see, there are more new photos. This time it is photos from September 10th and September 11th . On 10 September, Jessica participated in the filming of the morning show called Good Morning Americawhere she talked about Honest Beauty products and also how to look fresh when you are up all night and so on. The pictures show how she depicts a girl and explains that this and the product must be applied under the eye and that you will then look fresh, plus added that she would also need an eye pencil, but that the model does not prick the eye. : D And other paparazzi photos are from the outside as they leave the show. Photos from September 11 are with Haven and also from the Yves Saint Laurent store where Jessica (as it looks) Jessica was choosing her shoes.