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Commercial for Baun

As you all know, Jessica is the face of Braun and from time to time promotes their products. This time she was filming a new ad for them. The pictures show that she showed her perfect character, which she is constantly working on, which she managed the day before filming when she went to work out with friends. I hope the ad will appear as soon as possible and I wonder what it will be like.

Learn Jessica Alba’s Favorite CrossFit Moves with Yumi Lee & FitSugar.com

Yesterday, popsugar brought you a make-up tutorial with Jessica Alba’s makeup artist Lauren Anderson, and today they bring you a work-out session with Alba’s personal trainer Yumi Lee, whom she has trained with for the past two years. 

In other news, Jessica has made the PopSugar’s 100 list of 2012 landing at #40

Jessica Alba has joined the CrossFit craze! To get her sweat on, the svelte actress can be found in the gym tossing medicine balls and doing sets of burpees with Reebok trainer Yumi Lee counting her reps and checking her form. In fact, Jessica credits her CrossFit workouts for whipping her body quickly into shape after having her second child.

Yumi walked us through five moves that regularly appear in Jessica’s workouts. Watch the video, learn the full-body moves, then get a CrossFit workout on your own.