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Christian Dior 2016


Like every year, Jessica attends a fashion week in Paris . Mostly she attends more shows, but this year she seems to have only visited one, because of that came photos. It is possible, however, that she was on more shows, from which did not appear photos, but who knows (plus Balmain party, but I do not count as a show). This year it looks only at Dior Fashion Show . Well, a little bit now, though. Jessica chose a blouse and trousers for the show, that untypical combination, at least for me, at Jessica, you are more used to dress. The pants she wore were of course from the Dior collection (Pre-Fall 2016). Jessica suited it, although initially my opinion of the outfit was “God, what is it, maybe it’s not even possible, why is it doing it?!?”, But eventually I got used to it. It’s not my cup of coffee, but it doesn’t look that bad.