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The Coveteur.


Jessica made some new photos for The Coveteur website. A representative from this site visited Jessica in her company The Honest. The ladies were talking about the make-up and those important foundations. A video was made. Jessica says it’s important for her to be hydrated, so she starts her day with a moisturizing mask, and it’s also important to drink a lot to be hydrated. More in the video. :)

#‎CurrentMood‬: Darling.


Jessica Alba has taken a new series of photos for her Honest Beauty cosmetics company. There are 2 series so far, namely Darling mood. and Moody. Or Jessica asks, “What is your currentmood “. Photos are great, videos look good too. I hope that maybe more photos will appear in the near future. These added photos are Darling. In the next article I will add the second series and Moody. (but I have photoshoot in one album)

Launch of Honest Beauty products

Jessica Alba launches a new business called Honest Beauty . As I wrote in the previous articles, the company will focus on cosmetic products. Lipsticks, lip glosses, makeup, eye shadows and everything to help women look nice. As part of the opening and launch, she held a small celebration in New York, where Jessica is now. At the event, he had a white dress by Jonathan Saunders and boating brand Jimmy Choo . You can look at the company and its products at honestbeauty.com . Jessica certainly enjoys her work, because she looks really happy when promoting. Look at the photos, it is definitely worth it. :)

Honest Beauty

So I’ve mentioned it a couple of times. And what? Well, a new name for Jessica’s new company. For those who have not paid so much attention, the company will be called HONEST BEAUTY . And what will he deal with? Looks like he’s going to deal with cosmetics, namely make-up, eye shadow, mascara and so on and so on. So it will be such a typical company tailored to women. By all preparations, Jessica seems to have taken part in the process, trying everything for herself. According to the photos I have to admit that the products look good, but I think, and I probably know that they probably will not reach our Czech market, after all, Honest Company products did not reach us as well :( company Honest Beauty is Instagram so there you can look at photos and so on and so forth. No nothing. the company Honest Beauty that so far all i know, so we’ll see, maybe eventually discover more, yet then take photos that I found.