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new admin

Hiiiii guyss! i’m the new webmaster of this website! I adopted of flaunt and I’d like to thank their team for letting me adopt Jessica Alba Net! I will update the gallery, stay tuned!!!!

Hawaii vacation.

Hawaii vacation.

First photos from vacation in Hawaii. I will try to get more of them, but somehow I am now totally without resources, so I find it harder to get photos. So far I have added to the gallery what I found. :) Otherwise, in some photos it seems to me that Jessica has a tummy. It is not possible to see it from the 14th of July, but in the pictures from the 15th it is a bit visible. I don’t know what it is, as if Jessica is definitely not the next baby, I wish her much. But maybe she just ate more: D Well, it just seems to me that this year on vacation in Hawaii too much cover and usually wearing a swimsuit or scarf. So I do not know I will see…

‘Planet of the Apps’

‘Planet of the Apps’

click to enter the gallery :)

New Layout

New Layout

New layout is here for a while (ie if anyone ever noticed: D). I have been going for a little change and layout change for a long time, but not and not to choose a designer, or as people call it. : D Anyway, I finally chose and yes, again (at least for me) it is the most clever and best “designer” Lily !! In the last few years, a layouts on the web like and pay just worth it, and Lily just suits me, that will not have any way difficult to negotiate in English . And above all, he can advise , install everything that is needed and so on. It is just communicationthe best choice for me !

On the layout are used photos by W. Davidson for Allure , for me it was one of the best photoshootů last year, such a nice summer and smiling. The colors of the layout are fresh , the menu has moved to the left , which is just a minor change. Each box has a different color , which is so special to me, but I think it looks good and it is really livelier. Something else to color … they are really nice and everything is well coordinated . For me personally, it is really cool .

I try sometimes to finish the sections, yes, I write it for every layout, but finally I would like to give it a bit of a little extra. But we’ll see how I can do it. Furthermore, I look forward to the next new layout, which will come to this site. It will certainly be great again. That’s all, and I have no choice but to ask: So, how do you like the new look of the site ?? :) (Click for preview)

Šťastný (N)ový rok / Happy New Year 2016

Image (source): Andie

I would like to wish you all who visit this website (probably not much of you) wish you a Happy (New) Year 2016. Mainly health, happiness and so on, but you know it all. And above all, don’t overdo it with a celebration! : D :) We will meet here next year, with new and older photos, maybe even a new layout and so on. Who knows what comes :)

The Edit Magazine

Jessica appeared on the headline of the November issue of The Edit, for which she also shot a new photoshoot. Tory Burch interviewed her to help her in the beginning of her business. The article is titled “Lonely Wolf” and the title reads “Criticism of Me with * re!”, Jessica talked about the challenge of starting a business and what it is like to be a woman in company management. “People in Hollywood underestimate me. It’s hard to be taken seriously when people know you through acting. ”

Ball and Chain in Miami.

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash were both recently in Miami, after which Jessica moved for a while to New York, where she had some of the smaller arrangements for The Honest Company and The Honest Beauty, which she is now promoting everywhere. He even uses his cosmetics during photoshoots and lets make up with her. :) These photos are from Ball and Chain night club in Miami, where Jessica and Cash went to relax: D

New York – Part III.

Another batch of paparazzi photos from New York. There are really enough of them, so I will definitely follow one more part. They were added to the gallery on time, and they are getting updates only now. If you want to be informed in time and not after a long time, just follow the facebook of this page, the link can be found in the header of the layout. And now a little to the photos. They are from September 12 and September 13. Jessica enjoyed a girl’s trip with her younger daughter Haven. They were for dinner and in the park. There were purchases too, so you can say that they both enjoyed it. Well, it wouldn’t be without proper exercise, and Jessica and her friend went for it. She then went to a couple of fashion shows because, as you all know, there was a Fashion Week in New York, which Jessica tries to attend regularly. Jessica also missed the opening party. Look at the photos.

Good Morning America.

There was already a sound about the show in the show “Good Morning, America” or in the original title “Good Morning America”. Even photos from arrival, filming and departure have been added. Now I have added to the gallery photos from the show, as if “stillsky”. Jessica really did look good on the show and she smiled and enjoyed the show. :) Look at the photos and the whole album can be found on this link .

MENU and so on.

I thought that I let you know how things are going. Somehow I figured out how to add columns to the menu (still don’t know how I did it, but maybe it was a coincidence :D), and now I’ll make new menu and so on. I think I could finish it today. I would like to say THANK YOU Lilly Sage, she helped me with everything, layout and all the advice (more soon), and she’s still helping me so much. What else to say now. I’ll try to add new posts as soon as possible, but aside the fact that I’m leaving for my vacation on Friday (August 28). I’m going to Spain for a week. So when I came back I’ll try to add normally. That’s all from me today, if you want to see new pictures, just look in the gallery :) Bye bye.