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Elle Australia – May 2017

Elle Australia – May 2017

Jessica shot new photoshoot for Elle. The photos have already flown around the internet, so you can see them everywhere. : D Of course, they were in the gallery a long time ago, basically as soon as they saw the light of day (or as they say: D). Now finally here on the web in the update … Recently there are not many photos, so I will try to add to the gallery some scans, plus photos that are missing.

Madame Figaro (France)

Madame Figaro (France)

Again another new photoshoot. Or “you supply us, Mr. Karfík”: D I like this photoshoot more than Harper’s Bazaar. Photos are great, they are color and black and white. Jessica smiles at them and is so natural. Simply perfection alone. Somehow I can’t find any contradictions, so if you happen to have something, come on with it. :) I can’t speak French, but it certainly says Jessica’s business at Honest Company and her family. At least I think so, if not, then you can definitely correct me :)

The Future is Female

The Future is Female

After some time new photoshoot. These are photos for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico / Latin America . The photos were made by photographer Adam Franzino , stylist Sandy Armeni , hair was taken care of by Jennifer Yepez and makeup by Daniel Martin . The article is entitled “The Future is Female”that is, the future is women. So far, only a few photos have appeared, so I do not expect that there will ever be more, but what if the Internet surprised and happened: D We will see, but at least I can hope that the photos will appear in better quality. Photoshoot is nice and mainly contains black and white photos, and I really love it ♥ so for me a big plus. I haven’t found scans yet, but I’m working on them and I’m looking for and looking, so maybe they’ll do well. Meanwhile, enjoy photoshoot by clicking on the thumbnail. :)

Instyle (July 2016)


Recently, as Jessica was on a ladies ride in Hawaii – it was during their birthday, so she shot photoshoot for Instyle . These photos will appear in the July issue of this magazine and are under the responsibility of my photographer Thomas Whiteside . On the headline, Jessica has a Victoria Beckham dress. In the magazine she talked about what it was like and what it was like to be a sex symbol. “My sexuality was very unpleasant for me. I remember my first photoshoot for Maxim, they told me how to pose, how to look and so on. I thought, ‘I’m only 19. I’m still a virgin. I don’t even know how to do it. ‘ It was so embarrassing for me. ”The first time Jessica took her dress and heels was when she went to Golden Globes, where she was nominated for Dark Angel. She took her brother with her and thought she would never fall. You can read more of the interview for this magazine in the July issue ( it may also appear here, but since I am still waiting for Cosmopolitan with Jessica to be on the headline, I am not so sure of Instyl either: D ).



I finally got it. Photos have already circulated the whole internet, you all know them, but what can I do. I tried to sort everything out and put it in the line. And so I managed to upload a total of 7 different versions of Cosmopolitan to the gallery (sometimes they are only covers, but I still look for scans, so maybe we can) – USA , Hungary , South Africa , Italy , Spain , Slovenia , UK . And then I uploaded a photoshoot from photographer Tesh . As it looks according to all the covers that appear, we will probably soon see the release with Jessica here, but I do not want to shout it. :)

The Edit Magazine

Jessica appeared on the headline of the November issue of The Edit, for which she also shot a new photoshoot. Tory Burch interviewed her to help her in the beginning of her business. The article is titled “Lonely Wolf” and the title reads “Criticism of Me with * re!”, Jessica talked about the challenge of starting a business and what it is like to be a woman in company management. “People in Hollywood underestimate me. It’s hard to be taken seriously when people know you through acting. ”

Self (October 2015)

Jessica Alba is on the cover of the October SELF issue . In this issue she talked about the company, exercise and so on. Something little translated from the magazine, it will be such a shortened version, miss something, edit something so that it makes at least a little sense.

There’s a lot of celebrities with lifestyle brands, and then there’s Jessica Alba. In three and a half years, Jessica has turned into a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of The Honest Company, which produces eco-friendly products for personal use. Every customer from Target stores has tried it themselves, their products are on the shelves. More than 120 kinds of products, from household cleaners, to toothpastes, vitamins and diapers, all without chemicals. Albums and co-owners earned enough. The expansion to South Korea and China also worked, so the company is worth over $ 1.7 billion. /..more you can read in the magazine whose scans are in the gallery /

 Photos for the magazine were shot by a very handy photographer Gilles Bensimon, who had already shot some shoots with her before, for example for the February issue of ELLE magazine in 2008 and the November issue of ELLE in 2006 . This time it was a change, not Elle but Self, as written above. And now the photos, be sure to look at them, because Jessica looks great again. I added both scans and photoshoot.

Allure (September 2015)

As you may have seen elsewhere on the web,  Jessica appeared on the headline of the September Allure issue . The photo shoot was taken care of by photographer Carter Smith and I think he succeeded. The pretense of all this was to shoot Jessica as a successful entrepreneur (which she is, too, has a Honest Company and in the autumn opens the Honest Beauty – her own brand of cosmetics, but about that some article below). Jessica is doing well in business and earns big sums, so it’s no wonder someone is trying to hurt her. Photos of people who bought a sunscreen (or as it is cursing) and burned up appeared on the Internet, they just didn’t like it, or who knows. And they wanted to make a big case of it all. But they didn’t do much. Jessica replied with a photo of her family, her colleagues and their children using the products, and that she would not recommend anything harmful to her children and colleagues. And so I think the whole case has subsided. Well, enjoy the photos, click on the thumbnails to get to the albums.

Jessica is on the cover of SHAPE June 2015.


Here it is. Jessica is on the cover of another magazine. This is the headline of the June issue of SHAPE . Her article focuses on the swimsuit season, and Jessica shows off the most sexy swimsuit of the summer and talked about how ready she is for the summer. She allegedly formed her body most during the filming of the Dark Angel series , for which she devoted herself to dance, gymnastics and strength training. In the magazine she also revealed her five things that seemed best to her, her “power tools”. They are sleep , smoothies , hard workout (which, as she herself said, does not enjoy her so much, so she takes lessons where more people feel more motivated), a snack (she is most likely addicted to popcorn) andrelieving stress (when Jessica needs to shut down and clear her mind listening to a meditation podcast from UCLA). Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the scans and a bit below this article you will be taken to the photoshoot by J. Macari .

Jessica Alba covers MORE magazine May 2015

Jessica Alba looks stunning as she graces the May 2015 issue of More Magazine wearing Narciso Rodriguez. 

     Photographed by David Slijper.