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Paparazzi update (Part III.)

And the last part of November photos. In a moment I will throw on December, and as it is only early December, so I can do quickly.

Paparazzi update (Part II.)

Another part of the update, the penultimate. Photos are still from November. Just in a nutshell, because I’m trying to catch up with me so I don’t get too much in time and I can add updates as they come, but I don’t think I can do it even if I want too much :)

Paparazzi update (Part I.)

Editing number one. There were a lot of photos so I could only add them to the gallery and I didn’t make updates, but what you do with me, it looks like no one is coming, so why would I: DS updates are so late, I plan to add it, but then I don’t get to it at all and I’m messing with it and messing around with everything. So let’s get started and this is the first half or third or quarter of the November pictures.

Candids updates.

So and when I have exhausted the update of the events, so I go to some photos from paparazzi. There are many again, although sometimes it seemed to me that Jessica was just hiding somewhere and did not want to be photographed, but who would enjoy it too. Otherwise, I certainly will not put all the photos here, just a few examples, the rest you will be able to see in the gallery, which is almost all (just one I missed: D, and photos from the dinner of Jessica and Cash). These photos are from October 12 to October 16 .

Sprinkles Cupcake

Jessica Alba visited a kind of cupcake factory called Sprinkles Cupcake. Here she made some cupcakes for a charity event that she and Baby2Baby supported. Perhaps everyone liked it.

Narciso Rodriguez fashion show.

Jessica took part in Narcissus Rodriguez’s show , he’s one of her favorite fashion designers, so she just had to attend. She went to the show with her husband Cash Warren, they had such a married date. She was also on the show with Michael Warren, Cashe’s father. Jessica was really fine, she was wearing a blue Kurt Geiger dress.

Tory Burch fashion show.

Another show Jessica was attending was Tory Burch , which took place on September 15 at Avery Fisher Hall, New York. Jessica was also seen on the show with Maggie Q and model Liu Wen and fashion guru Derek Blasberg . Jessica wore a dress with flowers that looked quite ordinary, but they were really pretty and beautiful.

New York – Part IV.

Another batch of paparazzi photos from New York. It may never end / do not worry, yeah, but there will be about two or three articles, but we will see, maybe more: D /. These will be photos from September 14th and September 15th. Jessica had a visit to New York. Who are you asking? Well, husband Cash and his second daughter Honor . They all went to dinner and they also went to New York. Basically, there is nothing more to write about the photos. You will see everything yourself.

New York – Part II.

And here is the second part of the pictures from New York. These are paparazzi photos of Jessica, photos from the event / events will come in one of the other articles. There is so much now that before you see, there are more new photos. This time it is photos from September 10th and September 11th . On 10 September, Jessica participated in the filming of the morning show called Good Morning Americawhere she talked about Honest Beauty products and also how to look fresh when you are up all night and so on. The pictures show how she depicts a girl and explains that this and the product must be applied under the eye and that you will then look fresh, plus added that she would also need an eye pencil, but that the model does not prick the eye. : D And other paparazzi photos are from the outside as they leave the show. Photos from September 11 are with Haven and also from the Yves Saint Laurent store where Jessica (as it looks) Jessica was choosing her shoes.

New York – Part I.

Jessica Alba is now in New York, promoting her new Honest Beauty business(photos from the “launche” will also be added), which will deal with cosmetics, such as lip gloss, lipstick, makeup and more and more. She took her younger daughter Haven with her, even though journalists write in the pictures that Honor. She and Haven had a ladies’ afternoon. Jessica went with her to the playground and conversed with the photographers on the way there, she said, saying that when they wanted to take pictures of her daughter, they should be more careful and at least give them a little distance. I think at least that’s right, they shouldn’t stick to them and squeeze behind them, it really takes some distance. Otherwise, Jessica also took part in the filming of Good Morning America in New York, where the 5 million case of Honest sunscreen was solved. But more about that in the next article, which will also cover New York.