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[Candids] At Urban Outfitters

On October 25, Jessica was shopping at Urban Outfitters with her daugther in Los Angeles. Check out the photos below!

[Candids] Out in Los Angeles

On August 30, Jessica was spotted in Los Angeles. Check out the photos below!

[Candids] Heading to the Honest Company in Los Angeles

On July 28, Jessica was seen arriving at her company The Honest Company in Los Angeles. Check out the photos below!

Gallery Update 2019

so i just added photos of Jessica for the last days, check out!!!

March 2018 – part I.

Únor 2018 II. (February 2018 II.)

Adding photos after a long time of théééda, but the effort is here and it is said to be appreciated, at least it says no? :)

Únor – February 2018


Update – candids.

Everything at once, I’m trying to catch up, but I still can’t. Trying to value or not? 

Kelly Rowland’s Halloween bash

Juno a Super Mario :)

It is a boy!

Family Alba-Warren will grow, this time by male !!! Whoa, I’m so happy! :) Everything Jessica and girls revealed using Honest Company box, from which dropped blue confetti and balloons :)

Cash and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce… 👶💙 #officiallyoutnumbered #babyboy #cantwaittospoilhim #hugsandkissesforlife #soontobemamaofthree

Posted by Jessica Alba on Wednesday, 25 October 2017