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Brad Goreski: ‘She’s a great mother, really funny and has really good style’

Jessica Alba’s stylist Brad Goreski is doing the media rounds to promote his new Bravo reality show It’s a Brad, Brad World. Below are a few quotes from various interviews.

On getting Jessica as a client:
“It was about almost two months before I had like a client,” he says. “I do owe a lot to Jessica for taking a chance on me when I didn’t really have anything to go on except for a couple of, you know, really good recommendations from people that were around her.” (

Jessica Alba was your first celebrity client. What’s it like to work with her?
I just enjoy being around her. She’s a great mother, really funny and has really good style. Our fittings are very succinct and quick, and she likes to have fun with fashion. (

What’s your favorite celebrity look that you’ve created?
Jessica at the BAFTAs in Atelier Versace. It was my first time working with her at an international red carpet. It was just so perfect and beautiful on her. She was four months pregnant at the time, and it kicked off our maternity red carpet fashion. I think that the color on her, the jewelry, the way she was carrying herself, she looked beautiful.  (

Katerina Graham talks Jessica Alba & Honey

Katerina Graham isn’t expecting Honey 2 to turn her into the next Jessica Alba. The original dance movie propelled Jessica from a TV actress into a Hollywood talent, but Katerina – who plays lead character Maria Bennett – has no expectations that it will do the same for her career.

“If it does, then great, I hope that it does that for me, and for everyone in the cast – otherwise I am just as happy. Honey is one of my favourite films,” she said.

“I watched Jessica Alba’s performance and she is great and terrific in what she does, and the original Honey was really amazing, but how I always saw the film is that Honey 2 is a bit grimier,” she said. (belfasttelegraph).  

Lindsay Lohan mentions Jessica Alba in Maxim interview

Lindsay Lohan who appears on the cover of Maxim’s September 2010 issue was asked how it was working with Jessica Alba in the interview.

What was it like to work with Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez in Machete?
We all had different work schedules, but I know Jessica, and I think she’s a lovely, sweet girl, and hopefully we can do more work together. I love Michelle — she’s so talented and kick-ass!

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Christina Hendricks on being women’s most desired body and Jessica Alba

THE actress dubbed the best looking American woman says she’s rather look like Jessica Alba.

Curvaceous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks appears in Health magazine to talk about her voluptuous figure.

On her body being women’s most desired type:
“Really? They don’t say Jessica Alba? ‘Cause that’s what I say! (Laughs.) It’s such a compliment, because of all those times I had agents who were like, ‘You have to lose some weight,’ and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it. It’s like: ‘Oh, thank you! Thank you for letting me be me.’

Source: Dailytelegraph

50 Cent Wants to be Jessica Alba’s Leading Man


With the release of his new movie, Dead Man Running, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is getting serious about acting, but admits he wants his next film role to be a little more frothy.

“I want to play the lead in a romantic movie,” he tells the UK Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine. “Jessica Alba would be my perfect co-star — what man wouldn’t want to do a romantic movie with her?”

But when he’s not planning on whisking Jessica off her feet (on screen, of course), Fiddy is adding to his G-Unit business empire.


Brooke Shields on Alba

I always find it funny that so much skin cream advertising features, like, Jessica Alba,” she carps. “She’s gorgeous, and 12! Okay? They’re all that age! I don’t care how much La Mer I put on my skin, I’m not going to have Jessica Alba’s face!”

– From More Magazine

Alba left Mike Myers gasping

Mike Myers says he was star-struck and tongue twisty when it came to co-starring with the stunning Jessica Alba.

Myers stars opposite Alba in the comedy flick “Love Guru”.

“She would come to set and there would be audible gasps from all of us. I was like … wow,” Fox News quoted Myers, as telling Pop Tarts.

While referring to Alba’s pleasing aesthetic, the actor said: “Jessica Alba is not only one of the most down-to-earth, lovely people that I have ever met, she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life.”

But while Myers was in awe of Alba, fellow actor Romany Malco couldn’t control himself in her presence.

“Jessica’s so easy it’s crazy, because she’s so down and easy that she’s really approachable. When I first met Jessica I just started rambling. We just rambled for hours,” he added.