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After our Youtube channel got suspended, i’m proud to introduce to you the first Jessica Alba streaming videos site. It currently has just over 40 videos but more should be uploaded in the next few days. Click on the image below to Check it out.

2008 MTV Movie Awards spoof

I’ve uploaded the short spoof from last nights 2008 MTV Movie Awards featuring Jessica and Mike Myers. Check it out below.

Supporting Barack Obama

Here is a new video supporting president hopeful Barack Obama, featuring a bunch of Latino stars. Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn’t been anything new recently. A new layout is in the works at the moment, so look out for that soon.

Ellen Video

You can watch Jessica’s appearance on Ellen earlier on below. Enjoy. I shall add it to our youtube channel shortly. Jessica looked great as always.

Jessica to appear on sesame street

Jessica has filmed an episode of sesame street last week which will air on CBS Kids on august 11th. There was some behind the scenes footage on E! news just now. Check out the video Below. Credit:

Kids Choice Awards Video

I’ve uploaded Jessica’s acceptance video from the Kids Choice Awards to our Youtube Channel. We have over a 100 subscribers now, so thanks to everyone who did, and if you haven’t make sure you do.