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‘Killer Inside Me’ Producer talks about the film

Below is a videos of Producer Andrew Eaton from the ‘Killer Inside Me’ talking about the film. He stated that Jessica’s scenes were filmed in smaller parts of the town, which is the reason we didn’t get to see any on set pictures.

Jessica featured in the new Jay Leno Show commercial

Jessica is featured in the new commercial for The Jay Leno Show. Watch it below. credit

Watch Dark Angel on Youtube

If your a new fan, or simple want to watch it again, then check out this great channel that has uploaded every episode from both seasons of Dark Angel.


Jessica’s ‘Get Smart’ Audition (EXCLUSIVE)

As i mentioned on our twitter page yesterday, Jessica was one of the many actresses that auditioned for the role of ‘Agent 99‘ in the movie ‘Get Smart‘. Others actresses that auditoned for the role were; Eva Longoria, Jessica Biel, Isla Fisher, Elisha Cuthbert, Eva Mendes and more. The role eventually went to Anne Hathaway. I wish she got this role instead of the Love Guru. Check out the clip below.

Jessica talks to Vogue Magazine

Jessica sat down with Vogue magazine and told them how she’s gone eco-chic in her life. From grass that never needs watering made from recycled tires to the composter in her backyard, Alba dishes on her new green ways — and how having a baby has changed her home for the better. Check it out below:

The article is featured in the July issue so i’ll buy that tomorrow to scan it for the site.

Revlon “Double Twist Mascara” Commercial

I’ve uploaded the new Revlon “Double Twist Mascara” commercials  to our video archive + screencaptures to the gallery. Check them out below.

Campari Commericals

I’ve updated with two new Campari commercials, for Italy and America. Check them out below.

Tonight show with Jay Leno – April 16

As you may know, Jessica was on the Tonight show with Jay Leno on Thursday talking about parenthood,, birthdays and more. I’ve tried uploading a hq version but it fails everytime, so you’ll have to do with this video below thanks to Jmazone.

I’ve also uploaded some stills to the gallery. Click on the thumbs below to view them, and be on the look out for captures aswell.

Eminem song attacks Palin, Lohan and Alba.

Detroit rapper Eminem has marked his return to the music business after a five-year hiatus by taking a pop at celebrities including Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, actresses Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and her DJ girlfriend – or ex-girlfriend, if latest reports are correct – Samantha Ronson and chat show host Ellen de Generes.

The video for the first single off his sixth solo album, Relapse, is We Made You which airs on MTV in America on Tuesday night, although the song has already made its way online.


Lyrics: “jessica alba put her breast in my mouth bro
wowzers i just made a mess in my trousers
and they wonder why i keep wrestlin elvis


Ibeatyou Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes look at the ibeatyou office, including hanging out with Baron Davis and Jessica Alba. Watch the clip below.