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‘The Love Guru’ screencaptures

As promised, i’ve uploaded screencaptures from The Love Guru. Check them out below.

The Love Guru DVD Release

The New York Post’s worst movie of the year ‘The Love Guru’ is released on Blue-Ray and DVD on Friday December 26th in the UK. Check back on friday/saturday for screencaptures.

Alba left Mike Myers gasping

Mike Myers says he was star-struck and tongue twisty when it came to co-starring with the stunning Jessica Alba.

Myers stars opposite Alba in the comedy flick “Love Guru”.

“She would come to set and there would be audible gasps from all of us. I was like … wow,” Fox News quoted Myers, as telling Pop Tarts.

While referring to Alba’s pleasing aesthetic, the actor said: “Jessica Alba is not only one of the most down-to-earth, lovely people that I have ever met, she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life.”

But while Myers was in awe of Alba, fellow actor Romany Malco couldn’t control himself in her presence.

“Jessica’s so easy it’s crazy, because she’s so down and easy that she’s really approachable. When I first met Jessica I just started rambling. We just rambled for hours,” he added.

The Love Guru gallery update

As promised, I’ve added promotional stills and trailer captures of the Love Guru to the gallery. Click on the thumbnails below to view them.

The Love Guru launch offical website

The Love Guru’s official site is up, which includes a trailer of the movie. Based on the short trailer I’m not really feeling the movie, Jessica should definitely do more thrillers/horrors and less Comedies. You can check the trailer out by clicking on the image below, and it will take about 4mins for the video to load, but i shall upload it to our youtube channel soon.