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JCVD’s Mabrouk El Mechri Directing Jessica Alba in Insiders

Even more comic book movies for Jessica Alba? Apparently so. Pajiba says that they’ve learned Alba will star in an adaptation of Insiders, a series of Belgian graphic novels published by Dargaud. Apparently Alba herself put up the money to buy the rights with a little help from her friend Robert Rodriguez, who will be producing this as well. Additionally, they report that French-Algerian filmmaker Mabrouk El Mechri, who broke out in a big way directing the Jean Claude Van Damme drama JCVD last year, is now attached to direct this project. No start date is set (as far as we know), but it sounds like it’s ready to start shooting.

Insiders, first created back in 2002, centers on Najah Cruz, “a Columbian who is as deadly as she is beautiful. She has the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond. At the secret request of the White House she infiltrates a worldwide mafia-like organization composed of businessmen and politicians and becomes the bodyguard of the organization’s leader.” That actually sounds kind of cool. And I’m glad that this story isn’t just meat for the Hollywood grinder. It could easily be turned into some cheesy piece of crap story with G.I. Joe-like characters in it, but with El Mechri directing, I’m confident that won’t happen.

I don’t know if everyone has even had the chance to see JCVD yet, but it’s a very well-directed film, and I can’t see El Mechri going from that to some huge Hollywood project. Which is exactly why I feel like this is better off being adapted by El Mechri and Rodriguez than a Hollywood studio. Anyone else interested?


Adapting French Comic ‘The Insiders’ To Film?

picture-21Is it not enough that Jessica Alba has already played iconic comic book characters in “Fantastic Four” and “Sin City“? Apparently not, as rumors swirl today about her involvement with yet another paneled page property.

ICv2 is reporting that Alba has acquired the screen rights to a French comic book series titled “The Insiders.” The news originated from “various French language Websites,” which also pegs Alba’s “Sin City” director Robert Rodriguez as her partner in securing the comic’s film rights.

“The Insiders” first debuted in 2002 from Jean-Claude Bartoll and Renaud Garreta, yielding seven volumes of the series in France with an eighth scheduled for this October. In the same month, Americans will also see the first volume of “The Insiders” titled Chechen Guerilla — perhaps a move to familiarize stateside audiences with Alba’s upcoming character.

Should the rumors pan out, Alba would play Najah Cruz, a Columbian woman with “the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond.” In the series, Cruz is tasked with infiltrating a crime syndicate on behalf of the United States government, where she ultimately works her way into becoming the lead criminal’s body guard.

Given the long delays in “Sin City 2” and reports that a “Fantastic Four” reboot is in the works sans the original cast, Alba could be without a comic book franchise to call her own — which is why turning to “The Insiders” could be a strong move for an actress looking to stick with the genre.

On top of that, Alba’s first high-profile gig came in the form of “Dark Angel,” a James Cameron-produced television series where she played a hard-as-nails soldier of the same ilk as Najah Cruz. Truly, starring in “The Insiders” would be a return to form for the young actress.

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