It is a boy!

Family Alba-Warren will grow, this time by male !!! Whoa, I’m so happy! :) Everything Jessica and girls revealed using Honest Company box, from which dropped blue confetti and balloons :)

Cash and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce… 👶💙 #officiallyoutnumbered #babyboy #cantwaittospoilhim #hugsandkissesforlife #soontobemamaofthree

Posted by Jessica Alba on Wednesday, 25 October 2017

1 Comment on “It is a boy!”

  1. To je tak boží! Jsem ráda, že nám to prozradili:) Ale trochu se bojím toho jména :D Přece jen, na H + krátké + znamenat to věc, moc hezkých tipů mě nenapadá :D :)

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