You all know it already. Jessica told the whole world, because after the last pictures from vacation in Hawaii it was clear to everyone. She had been trying to hide it for a long time, but the fans knew it from the very first moments. Jessica stopped drinking, no parties, no clothes. It was clear and probably just waiting for such a “safe” period. However, in a swimsuit everything was already revealed. And so everything had to be confirmed. How else than a cute instagram !!! Great, I’m happy for her. I wish you an uncomplicated pregnancy and a lot of well-being!

1 Comment on “JESSICA IS PREGNANT !!”

  1. Celkem mě to překvapilo že je opět těhotná, nějak jsem měla pocit že u dvou skončili, ale mám z toho obrovskou radost! Jsem zvědavá jestli to tentokrát bude kluk a taky na jméno které vymyslí.:o))

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