Hawaii Appearances.

Jessica flew to 2 events in Hawaii to jump. She had apparently revealed big plans for 2017. She talked about her successful The Honest Company and that they are expanding more and more. For Forbes magazine, Jessica said:

“It has always been my interest to be truly in every room in every house and touch every part of your life. In 2017 we will be able to do this. It will be great… Now people are getting products right home every month. We changed their lives. For any entrepreneur, if you face a challenge, you must not let it win. We started using new active systems. We use new preservatives that have never been used before. We try to make everything absolutely safe. ”

Health safety is the main goal of Jessica’s firm. She has previously faced a few lawsuits for rashes and medical complications for some users. So I think improving products is a great idea. Both events took place in early December, December 3 (Honolulu) and December 4 (Pearl Harbor) .

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  1. RE: To protože prostě nosí volné neforemné věci no:D
    Tyhle dvě várky fotek jsou úplně nádherné, miluju je! Je krásná, jak se usmívá a hrozně jí to slušelo:)

  2. No upřímně si myslím že vždycky se najde člověk co bude mít na přípravek alergii protože lidi v poslední době mají alergie opravdu na všechno! nicméně je skvělý že se Jessica snaží svoje výrobky stále vylepšovat:o)

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