Teen Choice Awards 2016

Jessica attended the Teen Choice Awards this year. She also appeared in a show where she had a kind of campaign to prevent violence or carry weapons, or how to say exactly. In the photos she really looks beautiful, nice hairstyle, makeup and “dress”. : D Although the Teen Choice was said to be one of the oldest (as they said in the Top Star), she still did not get overshadowed. Now for her speech, Jessica herself said, “Tonight there are brave teenagers with me who have a bond that cannot be understood. They are brothers, sisters, daughters, and family members of victims of arms violence. I’m talking about Aurora, Baton Rogue, Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown. It happens all the time, but it has to stop. Most of those who are influenced are only and only teens. ”

And for those who want to know a little bit more about what Jessica was wearing, here’s a sort of “list” of everything: David Koma’s top and pants, Kurt Geiger pumps, M2MAlletier bag, Eva Fehren rings and Colette jewelry.

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