Candids – part VI.


Photos from 5th June , again 2 photo albums. On this day, Jessica was spotted spending some time with her family. Honor will celebrate (8 June) his 8th birthday . What? What? The time really but really fast flies. (By the way, when I was preparing this article – on June 6, she was still seven years old, so Honor now celebrated her birthday: D) The whole family was having lunch at the Au Fudge restaurant . Cash wore colorful socks – orange-yellow-pink-red-blue-striped – Pair of Thieves, a new company he has been working on lately. Cash arrived at the restaurant with a bouquet of red and white roses. If you want to know one point of interest, the restaurant Au Fudge was opened in 2015 by actress Jessica Biel.

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  1. jo letí to neskutečně rychle! už je z ní velká slečna a to nedávno ještě byla malý mimčo!:o)) Jess to opět slušelo…líbí se mi její bunda:o)

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