Boo George (DL1961)

Celebrities that design their own collection have been ubiquitous lately. And it’s hard to tell which celebrity is fashion and which isn’t. Apparently, Jessica plunged into it, too. She became the face of the DL1961 and is doing a campaign on jeans (about 10 styles in total), which I call them JAxDL . Everything gets to the shops and at in August. So far, however, no one has expressed how much it will cost. Her campaign was shot by Boo George . Jessica herself said that this was her first entry into fashion design, but that she knew she wanted to design clothing for women of every type of character. So let’s see how she does everything, because it looks like standard sizes from 24 to 32 should be available. And now her photos and videos to accompany the campaign.

Videa: tady, tady, tady

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