The Veil (2016)


And here it is, the trailer of the movie The Veil , in which Jessica starred with Lily Rabe , saw the light of day . The premiere should be sometime in February , so I suppose there will be a spectacular premiere with photos and so on and so on, but who knows, it was not so for some films and they went silently and so disappeared. So let’s see if we can see the premiere. After watching the trailer, I thought wow it is really scary. I don’t think it will be a movie for those extremely weak characters. There will probably be a lot of scary scenes and stuff.

The story takes place 25 years after a mass suicide by a charismatic sect leader (Thomas Jane) and follows the story of a survivor (Lily Rabe) who goes to the director (Jessica Alba) to find out what really happened that day. What they find goes beyond cult behavior and ultimately translates into the supernatural.

We’ll see how successful the movie is, but I think it won’t be that bad again.


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