Alliance of Moms presents Raising Baby

Jessica Alba, together with other mothers, attended a charity event called “Raising Baby”. Rachel Bilson , Kristen Bell and Jordana Brewster were also at the event . Great women in one action, and also in one photo, aaa, now I’m absolutely pleased and glad it happened. Because I love all four, so for me satisfaction. Otherwise you definitely have to see their instagram photo together, it is worth it . And what is the Alliance of Moms really? More or less, it is an alliance founded by five mothers in 2014, which deals with children’s rights. Their mission is to mobilize a community of volunteers fighting for our children in foster care. More than 75 %girls in foster care have experience with pregnancy before 21 years. The Mothers Alliance feels related to this vulnerable population. They realize that these girls had no advantage of parental role models. The Alliance creates educational programs that inform everyone about it, and that makes it possible for everyone to have a healthier childhood than theirs.

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