New York – Part III.

Another batch of paparazzi photos from New York. There are really enough of them, so I will definitely follow one more part. They were added to the gallery on time, and they are getting updates only now. If you want to be informed in time and not after a long time, just follow the facebook of this page, the link can be found in the header of the layout. And now a little to the photos. They are from September 12 and September 13. Jessica enjoyed a girl’s trip with her younger daughter Haven. They were for dinner and in the park. There were purchases too, so you can say that they both enjoyed it. Well, it wouldn’t be without proper exercise, and Jessica and her friend went for it. She then went to a couple of fashion shows because, as you all know, there was a Fashion Week in New York, which Jessica tries to attend regularly. Jessica also missed the opening party. Look at the photos.

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