Honest Beauty

So I’ve mentioned it a couple of times. And what? Well, a new name for Jessica’s new company. For those who have not paid so much attention, the company will be called HONEST BEAUTY . And what will he deal with? Looks like he’s going to deal with cosmetics, namely make-up, eye shadow, mascara and so on and so on. So it will be such a typical company tailored to women. By all preparations, Jessica seems to have taken part in the process, trying everything for herself. According to the photos I have to admit that the products look good, but I think, and I probably know that they probably will not reach our Czech market, after all, Honest Company products did not reach us as well :( company Honest Beauty is Instagram so there you can look at photos and so on and so forth. No nothing. the company Honest Beauty that so far all i know, so we’ll see, maybe eventually discover more, yet then take photos that I found.

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