Allure (September 2015)

As you may have seen elsewhere on the web,  Jessica appeared on the headline of the September Allure issue . The photo shoot was taken care of by photographer Carter Smith and I think he succeeded. The pretense of all this was to shoot Jessica as a successful entrepreneur (which she is, too, has a Honest Company and in the autumn opens the Honest Beauty – her own brand of cosmetics, but about that some article below). Jessica is doing well in business and earns big sums, so it’s no wonder someone is trying to hurt her. Photos of people who bought a sunscreen (or as it is cursing) and burned up appeared on the Internet, they just didn’t like it, or who knows. And they wanted to make a big case of it all. But they didn’t do much. Jessica replied with a photo of her family, her colleagues and their children using the products, and that she would not recommend anything harmful to her children and colleagues. And so I think the whole case has subsided. Well, enjoy the photos, click on the thumbnails to get to the albums.

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