New hosting, new start.

We have a new name, new hosting and new layout. Layout arrived again at the time when something is leavigne and closing. At the last site about Jessica (lovely-jessica), I’m also going to present the new layout, but the site was cancel, so I didn’t have a change to show new layout to the world. Then I got another website about Jessica, it was my heart thing, I always watched and loved this site. And after fex months hosting Starszz canceled and deleted all, and they ended all their existence. I know it happens sometimes, I can’t do nothing with it. And also I didn’t have time to do everything and introduce a new layout. Summer layout. Anyway, I think I found new hosting and hopefully they will last a little longer. I’ll try to finish everything here, I still have to add advertising to menu and into the gallery, plus I have to do new menu (when I found how I can do it, lol), and so on and so on. So keep all patience with me. Fingers crossed. See you soon with some news.

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