Jessica is on the cover of SHAPE June 2015.


Here it is. Jessica is on the cover of another magazine. This is the headline of the June issue of SHAPE . Her article focuses on the swimsuit season, and Jessica shows off the most sexy swimsuit of the summer and talked about how ready she is for the summer. She allegedly formed her body most during the filming of the Dark Angel series , for which she devoted herself to dance, gymnastics and strength training. In the magazine she also revealed her five things that seemed best to her, her “power tools”. They are sleep , smoothies , hard workout (which, as she herself said, does not enjoy her so much, so she takes lessons where more people feel more motivated), a snack (she is most likely addicted to popcorn) andrelieving stress (when Jessica needs to shut down and clear her mind listening to a meditation podcast from UCLA). Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the scans and a bit below this article you will be taken to the photoshoot by J. Macari .

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