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Los Angeles

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” It kind of goes without saying that that old William Morris adage is something we take to heart—not only thanks to our Covs, but also over at our own HQ. But is it really to the surprise of anyone that it’s also an axiom Jessica Alba took to heart when it came time to deck out the HQ of The Honest Company, too?

Walking in with Alba (our tour guide for the day), we were greeted by clean wood paneling, vividly-hued furniture, and walls shellacked in that signature shade of blue. The space is covered in similarly-minded maxims as the aforementioned quote, too—look no further than those motivational staircases for proof (ideal for Mondays, no?) All dreamy, Pinterest-friendly aesthetics aside, Honest HQ really emphasizes a community vibe. Just take a peek at the communal chalkboards with local must-sees and restaurant reccos (an idea cribbed from none other than Whole Foods’ HQ, FYI) and you’ll instantly know what we mean. And we hate to get all tabloid-y, but Alba really is just like us—at least when it came to outfitting the Honest offices, that is; having sourced inspiration and pieces everywhere from Pinterest (told ya so!) to One King’s Lane, CB2 and even Craigslist.

Even if you’re the type that typically gets all eye roll-y when it comes time to talk toxins, Alba and Honest’s no-BS approach to going green(er) is one we can actually get behind. And from her vintage magenta tanker desk (littered with shots with Obama and Bill Clinton, NBD) to the Honest Family Tree made with reclaimed wood that co-founder, Christopher Gavigan found while dumpster-diving (amazing, right?!), we instantly felt pretty much right at home at their HQ…. honest(ly).
(Oh, and P.S.! Stay tuned for Jessica Alba’s L.A. home and closet #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou, kids.)

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