ELLEdecor.com: How To Decorate An Office With Jessica Alba

Jessica-Alba-how-to-decorate-an-office--large_newIn an ELLEDECOR.com exclusive, actress and The Honest Company founder Jessica Alba shows us how she decorates an office to feel more like home

Plenty of movie stars have offices. But Jessica Alba might be the only one who works from a fuchsia desk…in the middle of an open-plan work space. “I have my hands in everything,” she says, of her role as founder of The Honest Company. “From product to design to marketing, even some tech. Being confined to an office and expecting my team to constantly check in just doesn’t work for me as well.”

Alba invited us to a conference room at The Honest Company’s new headquarters to share her tips on making a workspace feel comfortable and stylish.

The Blank Slate

“I wanted to give my team many different spaces to work from so they didn’t feel like they were just at their desks all day,” Alba says. The furniture in this conference room is basic and functional, but the lack of color and flair leaves something to be desired—not just in terms of style, but for productivity as well. “I always have my best ideas when I’m at home—there’s less pressure. I want to recreate that environment for people and inspire them to thrive here.”

Step 1: Bring In Flowers

“Living in Southern California, we get to spend so much of our time outdoors,” says Alba. “I really wanted to bring some of that outdoors inside with flowers.” Try a few different colors and heights throughout the space to add visual interest.

Step 2: Pump Up The Color With Pillows And A Throw

“I find color stimulating,” says Alba, who brought in a host of red-toned accessories to the sofa. “And these orange-y reds look really good with teal, the company’s base color.” When it comes to patterns, try keeping them in the same color family, so the look is cohesive.

Step 3: Bring In Touches Of Home

“Since we’re a start-up, it’s nice for the office to have a home-y environment,” says Alba, who brought Honest candles and books to the space to help achieve that. “I wanted to recreate a cozy feel knowing that people are logging so many hours here.”

Step 4: Candy is Key

“Candy makes me happy,” Alba tells us. “I put it in every conference room and meeting space—really on every surface I can. I know sugar might not be the healthiest thing, but a handful of jelly beans is just delightful.” Her tips for choosing the right office treats: Anything colorful—that doesn’t melt. Skittles, Starburst, and jelly beans are favorites.

Step 5: Find The Right Amount Of Photos For Your Space

“You can definitely go overboard with photos,” says Alba, who only placed a few in key spots throughout the office. “Remember, you’re aiming for cozy, not cluttered. The idea is to make sure your space is still functional for work.”

Step 6: Try Non-Traditional Seating

“I like the multifunctional purpose of the poof,” says Alba. “People like sitting at different heights, and the poof adds another option to the couch and the chairs. Plus, it can act as a little side table.”

The Finished Product

The newly dressed-up conference room is decidedly warmer and more stylish with only a few key changes.

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