Gallery Update: Candids

Hello All, I am back from my mini hiatus, and to start things off I have updated the gallery with the latest candids. I will continue to update the other sections over the next couple of days, and then move on to the site (layout, content etc). Click on the previews below to view the photos.


Gallery Links

June 14 – Out in Santa Monica
June 15 – Out for lunch at Bouchon in Beverly Hills
June 16 – Grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market in Beverly Hills
June 21 – Out in Los Angeles
June 22 – Out in New York
June 24 -Leaving her hotel in NYC
June 24 – Taking Honor to school in LA
June 25 – Out in Los Angeles
June 27 – At her office in Santa Monica
June 28 – At a medical building in West Hollywood
June 28 – At her office in Santa Monica
June 29 – Going to a baby shower in Beverly Hills
July 01 – Heading into her Beverly Hills office
July 10 – Heading to a studio in LA

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