‘An Invisible Sign’ Review + Screencaptures

Jessica Alba looked more like a kawaii Japanese student than an elemantry school teacher in the (most underated film of 2010) dramatic directorial feature debut by Marilyn Agrelo ‘An Invisible Sign’.

Jessica Alba tackles a different kind of role then we are used to seeing her in, and she did a excellent job throughout the film.  I haven’t read the book, but the storyline was all over the place, and not very well put together, which I blame on the director.

I really did not picture her as the lead in this film,” says director Marilyn Agrelo, who is best known for the culty child-performer documentary Mad Hot Ballroom. “I knew her as a piece of pop culture, Fantastic Four, this sort of thing.” In a single meeting, Alba won Angrelo over. “I was so surprised by her intelligence, her thoughtfulness, her poise,” Angrelo says. “She’s a real, flesh-and-blood, fully realized woman.

Costar Chris Messina, who plays a science teacher who becomes Mona’s love interest, describes Alba’s work in the film as “magnificent.” “Jessica’s a beautiful woman, so this business is going to want to put her in a bikini or put a gun in her hand, but she’s just more than that,” Messina Says. “It seemed to me that she really seized this.

The result, according to Agrelo, is a performance that could change the course of Alba’s career. “I remember when Pulp Fiction opened, and people kind of laughed at the idea of John Travolta in that role. He blew everyone away,” she says. “When things like that happen, it’s wonderful. And it’s so rare that you get to be the one who pulls the surprise out of the hat.(ELLE, March 2010)

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