Jessica Alba Tells OK!: I’m Not A Supermom

OK! caught up with the pregnant star of Spy Kids: All The Time In The Word in 4-D.

Jessica ALba sympathizes with busy moms everywhere. The actress,  Revlon spokeswoman, wife, and mother to daughter Honor, 3, refuses to sit still even though her due date is right around the corner. “I always knew i’d be a working mom,” Jessica tells OK!.

In the new Spy Kids movie your character has retired to raise her family. Would you ever do that?
I knew I would never stop completely. [Director] Robert [Rodriguez] gave me quite a few pep talks about finding balance. I was really torn. But he is a father of five, and he encouraged me to go back to work but do it in a way that I felt good about.

Did this role five you insight on what having a bigger family will be like?
Movie life never really prepares you for real life. It only gives you a paycheck so that you can afford real life!

Is Honor happy about the baby?
She is excited, but definitely a bit more cuddly, and she wants my attention more. She is a little more needy.

Are you a supermom?
No, I’m a trying-to-figure-it-out-one-day-at-a-time mom. I am doing the best I can. I feel as if there is always something that I am compromising, but I try my best.

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