iVillage Celebrity Blog: Jessica Alba’s Diary of a ‘Spy’ Mom — Take 3!

The Spy Kids star shares what’s different about her second pregnancy in part 3 of her exclusive iVillage blog series

So, as you may or may not know, I’m pregnant with my second child. I’m often asked what’s different this time around. Here it goes:

CRAVINGS: I have a fierce, insatiable craving for watermelon. I dream about it. No, seriously, I really do.

EXERCISE: I’m doing prenatal yoga and taking 30-minute walks through my last trimester, which is more than I did with Honor. And my belly popped much quicker with this one. I have a bit more discomfort that I don’t remember having with my first, but I am toting and keeping up with a 3-year-old and still running around a lot — so I have been blessed with some saviors: an ahhhmazing chiro named Dr. Takahashi and my yoga teacher, Aria. I thank my lucky stars for them.

WEIGHT GAIN: I’ve banned my loving husband from cooking a half a pack of bacon every morning and ordering or buying five desserts for dinner every night. We both put on a lot of weight the first time around and made a pact this time to eat better.

NURSERY: When we had Honor, we had everything prepped and ready to go — and not just for the initial newborn stage. We had a couple of stages checked off following that: probably a typical case of over-preparation. Right now we’re renovating our home to make room for baby No. 2, so we’re in a rental and we’re nowhere near the stage we were at when I was pregnant with Honor. And you know what… that’s okay. It turns out, the first five months Honor was in our room anyway in a co-sleeper, so I’m not too stressed about being overly prepared and having everything set up perfectly this time.** Kinda just going with the flow.

Really, our attention is with Honor right now, more than anything. She’s aware that there’s going to be a big change. The new baby is gonna cry and go to the bathroom and want to be fed — that’s kinda what they do in the beginning. We’re really dedicating as much time to making Honor feel as special as possible and a part of this new adjustment in our lives.

**Side note — I am soooooo excited about eventually getting to the new nursery! I love design blogs and it’s nice to see nurseries where people don’t replicate a store display. I aim for an eclectic mix of furniture found at flea markets, Etsy, and my fave baby brands with an emphasis on non-toxic materials. I’d like to do a “before and after” blog post down the road some time. I’d love to know some of your fave design blog sites that I should submit to! (Ivillage)

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