Robert Rodriguez on ‘Sin City 2,’ ‘Machete’ sequels

Robert Rodriguez stopped by EW’s VIP Comic-Con lounge to talk about a few (or many) of his upcoming projects: Sin City 2, two Machete sequels, a Heavy Metal remake, and a Fire and Ice adaptation. Phew.

But you read right — on Thursday night, Rodriguez announced he would be planning a Sin City sequel. And the director tells EW that the film will focus in part on the A Dame to Kill For storyline, which would involve characters played by Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke in the first film. Rodriguez hopes the two stars will be back — along with big names for two more storylines he plans to create for the film. Who is he hoping will jump on board? Rodriguez is keeping mum at this point, but it depends on scheduling: “Availability is going to be key,” he says.

Also on tap is a third Machete film to follow the already-written sequel to the 2010 Danny Trejo film. And Machete 3 hopes to defy gravity. Rodriguez says he sees the third film taking place in space, and plans to air a trailer for the third film ahead of Machete 2. “It’s very Moonraker,” he says. (Entertainment Weekly)

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