Robert Rodriguez’ Spy Kids 4 gets another trailer

Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World relaunches the franchise with a new set of kids, and Jessica Alba as the undercover mother.

Frankly, this trailer plays directly to its intended audience, so it’s not even worth us moaning about the avalanche of so-so CGI, the irritating animal sidekick, and Jeremy Piven’s limp villain.

The trailer even breaks for an odd aside about the movie’s ‘4D’ – you’ll get a scratch ‘n’ sniff card in the cinema so that your sense of smell doesn’t feel left out amid the onslaught.

That said, Rodriguez looks to be directing with his trademark energy, and the sight of Alba in a leather catsuit will provide considerable consolation to any dads dragged to this on a Saturday morning. (Total Film)

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  1. You all are truly amazing! Every time I watch this video of James it makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy that this mmneot was captured for his mom and dad and sad that James is no longer here. The mmneots that were captured were beautiful. What a sweet heart for all that James was going through you sure wouldn’t know he was in pain. I pray for his mom and dad daily and I am so glad you all were there to capture this mmneot for them. What a tribute to James!!!

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