Pregnant Jessica Alba’s New Baby Name Revealed?

Jessica Alba is pregnant with her second child with husband, Cash Warren, and she learned the hard way the other day that if you want to keep something a secret, then you probably shouldn’t tell it to a three-year old.

As Jessica and her daughter, Honor, were leaving the Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles, the paparazzi were waiting and asked Jessica what she planned on naming the new baby. Though Alba likely stayed tight lipped after the question was asked, Honor piped in and said that they plan on calling the baby Eva!

I guess the cat’s out of the bag now…I wonder if Jessica and Cash will choose to stick with that name even though it has been revealed?

If they do decide to call their second daughter Eva, she will have one of the most popular names for girls these days. Little Eva will also share her name with Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear’s daughters, though their girls spell their name with an “A” instead of an “E.”

If Jessica and Cash ever go for baby number three, they may want to think twice about letting Honor know her sibling’s name ahead of time. (Babble)

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