Blogger Kelly Oxford will be a TV character – thanks to Jessica Alba

Calgary blogger and Twitter queen Kelly Oxford, 33, has a lot going on these days. The mother of three (Salinger, 9; Henry, 7; and Beatrix, 2) has just signed a deal with HarperCollins to write a memoir, and has a sitcom in development with CBS which Jessica Alba is co-executive producing. Still, the Edmonton-born stay-at-home mom manages to regularly post her snarky, straight-up observational Tweets to her more than 100,000 followers – Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel and Roger Ebert among them.

How did the TV show Mother of All Something come about?

My friend Jhoni Marchinko (Emmy award-winning writer, producer) and I would talk on the phone, and the more we talked, the more she told me I should develop some of what I was living as a young mother into a spec pilot, as a writing sample, to try to get an agent. Within a week of finishing writing the script, [Hollywood agency] WME called about representing me. I told them I had the sample, gave it to them and they said it was saleable.

How did Jessica Alba get involved?

Jessica followed me on Twitter, she asked me for my number, we started to talk. She was interested in working together because she identified with my style of writing, my voice as a mother. She loved the pilot and offered to help and support my work in any way. We became friends really quickly.

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