Jessica Alba’s first twitterview

Jessica Alba gave her first twitterview (twitter interview) earlier this evening Which you can read below. Hope to see more of these. Enjoy. And CLICK HERE to view the latest twitpics.

@WonderwallMSN what do you enjoy more: playing funny or playing sexy?”
@jessicaalba I think being funny is sexier than being sexy

@WonderwallMSN Your character in Fockers is wild! What was it like to let loose?
@jessicaalba It was liberating -in life I’m a bit more reserved

@WonderwallMSN Tells us about working with Ben Stiller.
@jessicaalba I think I really brought him out of his shell

@WonderwallMSN Your “bellyflop” scene was hilarious. Did you do your own stunt work?
@jessicaalba My amateur mud wrestling days finally paid off

@WonderwallMSN Can you share your favorite Christmas memory?
@jessicaalba our family wears matching pajamas every year- we’re dorks

@jessicaalba Squashing cars from my hotel room @WonderwallMSN #thelittlefockers


Good pic @jessicaalba Thanks so much for your time! Happy holidays! And everyone, go see #LittleFockers, everyone when it comes out Dec. 22!

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