Robert Rodriguez Expects to Make “Sin City 2” After “Spy Kids 4”

During a Facebook livechat, Robert Rodriguez revealed that “Sin City 2” will come immediately after he finishes directing “Spy Kids 4,” which is still in pre-production. Unfortunately, there’s one caveat.

Frank Miller and I are working on it,” he said. “It’s slated to be the next one, but if the script is not ready, then we’ll have to move to the next one.

How could the script not be ready? Two years ago Miller said that “‘Sin City 2’ is written and we could be shooting as soon as April [2009].

Meanwhile, Rodriguez went on to say that he would like to bring back Bruce Willis, despite that his character died in the first film. “I wanna bring him back for ‘Sin City’ because he’s so bad-ass,” he explained.


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