GQ (UK) November 2010 SCANS

I’ve bought my copy of the November issue of British GQ and high quality scans have been added as promised. Click on the previews above to view them, and read interview highlights below. Enjoy.

On ‘Into The Blue’ co-star Paul Walker  wanting to have angry sex with her:
[Looks disgusted] So in appropriate. Really. And so annoying. He should just like, shut up. I wonder how he’d feel if I said that kind of sexually objectivising stuff about him?

On her ‘sex symbol’ status:
I don’t get it. Every actress out there is more beautiful than me. Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, you name it. All better-looking than me. I’ve seen them all without make-up, so I know.

I’ve never been confortable showing my body off like that. I used to have anxiety attacks before I did the Photoshoots. I’d never worn high heels or even dresses before I did movies. The Golden Globes was the first time I did that kind of look. I wasn’t even allowed to show my stomach in my house when I was growing up – my parents were very strict. But this is the business I’m in, and it’s made me a lot of money, so I can’t complain.

On selling her baby photos to OK magazine:
I didn’t want some scumbag to make money off my kid. So I made it for her instead, and controlled it. I thought hard about it. But these scumbags sit outside our house every day, so why should I give them the photos for free and not make money for my daughter instead?

On working with Robert De Niro:
It felt like I was dreaming. I though people just saw me as a piece of meat to be stuck on a poster and marketed. And I made bad choices, and got treated badly by some directors, and that all reinforced a stereotype. But then you work with De Niro and you suddenly feel totally different. My heart was beating fast, I got tongue-tied, I was sweating and so nervous. But he was so sweet, and gentle, calm, quiet, and kept to himself.

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