is celebrating 5 years online

Today, 5-years ago (September 03, 2005), opened, which was a few weeks before ‘Into the Blue’ opened in UK cinemas.

Alot of hard-work goes into this site, and keeping it up-to-date for five-years straight isn’t easily done. Especially being that just one person runs it, but i’ve always worked around my classes and work schedule whether it’d be waking up extra early or stay up late at night, and let’s not forget the $£ i’ve spend, but its all worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’d like to thank Jessica Alba for all the great movies, interviews, magazine spreads, photoshoots and for keeping me busy.

I’d like to thank everyone that has donated content and helped me over the years (you know who you are).

and last but not least I’d like to thank each and every person that has visited the site, left comments, browsed through the gallery and video archive over the years. Your interest has kept me motivated.

5 years, 42814 pictures and 12 layout changes later we would like to celebrate this day with Jessica’s 21st movie release ‘Machete’, and hopefully the site will still be here in 5-years time.

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