Jessica Alba Calls Her ‘Little Fockers’ Character ‘Totally Crazy’

In addition to kicking butt in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” Jessica Alba is also appearing among the star-studded cast of “Little Fockers,” the third installment in the franchise that features Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro playing out their often awkward son-in-law vs. overprotective father-in-law relationship.

“I play a pharmaceutical sales rep who is very, um, outgoing and has no sense of personal space,” Alba recently told MTV News. She hinted that her character might inadvertently try to get a little too close to Stiller’s lovable Gaylord Focker. “She says exactly what’s on her mind and she has no filter at all,” the actress explained. “She was really fun because I’m pretty much the opposite of that.”

Alba admitted that keeping a straight face on set was a big challenge, since most of her scenes were with funnyman Ben Stiller. Still, she had a blast, she said, particularly with her character’s freewheeling ways. “It was just fun and pretty liberating to play someone who was just so open and so free and totally crazy.”

“Little Fockers” is set a few months after the events of the last installment, “Meet the Fockers,” as Stiller and Teri Polo’s parents-to-be busily prepare for baby. Producer Jay Roach told MTV News earlier this year that Stiller’s attempt to remain calm is thwarted by a familiar face (and former nemesis).

“It’s Owen Wilson coming back with a new passion for Ben’s wife, Teri Polo,” Roach said. “And of course it’s hidden and it’s all under the surface, but it causes a lot of new wrinkles in the relationship between all of them,” the producer explained.

In addition to Alba and Wilson, “Fockers” will also feature Dustin Hoffman in the role of Stiller’s father opposite Barbra Streisand, an addition to the cast that was only recently made due to the film reportedly coming in under budget.

“Little Fockers” is due in theaters December 22.



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