Jessica Alba shopping in Soho, New York

It has either been a very well-kept secret for years, or Jessica Alba has just taken up smoking.
The actress was spotted lighting up while on holiday in France with husband Cash Warren a fortnight ago, and now she has been seen puffing away in New York.

The Valentine’s Day actress attempted to hide the cigarette when she spotted photographers during a shopping trip in SoHo.

Looking stylish in a denim A-line skirt, studded wrist bands and fashionable caged sandals, the 29-year-old quickly discarded the butt and replaced it with her Blackberry.

With a two-year-old daughter, Honor Marie, Alba has kept her habit well hidden until recently, but sources have suggested that the pressures of Hollywood have been getting to the star.

Two years ago Jessica did hint that she had smoked a different variety while on holiday in Amsterdam.

She told talk show host David Letterman that she ‘forgot how to ride a bike’ while visiting the city.

‘Or while I was there I was in a state of mind that didn’t allow me to ride a bike the way I should have been!’ she joked.

Her smoking comes as somewhat of a surprise as the actress is known for her fit and healthy lifestyle.

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