Jessica Alba talks beauty, US style

Beauty editor Sophie Qureshi spoke to Hollywood A-lister Jessica Alba and our very own Cheryl Cole to find out who’s really the most high maintenance…

You’re now the face of Revlon but have you always been into beauty?
Yeah, always. I grew up watching my mom put her face on before she left the house and I used to walk around in her high heels when I was about two. I always used to play with make-up every Halloween I made myself up to look like my mom, but browner!

So your mum was a big influence?
My mom’s always been into beauty – she have me a perm when I was seven! She was going to cosmetology school and she needed a model to practise on! She did everything on me. She put a full face of make-up on me when I was 10 for the swim team picture – full-on winged eyeliner, the works. I looked ridiculous!

Eek, sounds traumatising! So what’s your off-duty make-up routine?
Concealer, Revlon’s cream blush, and a light tinted base or moisturiser. I usually steer clear of foundation on days off, or I use Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Foundation, £9,99 – it’s a really lightweight base – and just curl my lashes to open my eyes.

What about skincare?
Cleanse, tone, moisturise – all the basics. Right now I like Weleda, or Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream, £21, and Yon-Ka toners and cleansers ( When I have a lot of build-up, I like to use Kate Somerville Clearing Mask, £42.

What make-up tips have you picked up from the professionals?
Spot coverage is a good one. You can do it either with a concealer or with a thicker foundation like Revlon ColorStay, £11.99, and you just go wherever you have a reddish tone or dark spots. Just target anywhere were the colour is a bit off. I usually do it with my fingers.

How does British girls’ style compare to the LA look?
London’s definitely a bit more fashion forward than LA! I guess LA is safe – they wear Uggs and mimi skirts. I like London’s style – it’s edgy, urban. Even if there’s someone doing hippy chic, it still feels appropriate for the city – it doesn’t feel like you should be running through a field in the south of France! It’s very cool – the girls are very cool here.

What about beauty maintenance? Do you think we Brit girls are lazy compared to American girls?
I don’t like overly-coiffed. I think girls in LA have too much time on their hands sometimes! I like it when a look’s not perfect – a bit of a smudgy eye is nice.

So what’s your red-carpet look?
I don’t really have one – it just depends on what I’m wearing. I keep it simple,  though. My high-maintenance make-up look is a dark lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. That’s my thing –  a dark lip!

Any beauty faux pas?
Oh, tons! A brown lipliner and brown eyeliner at the same time – and that’s all I wore! No lip colour – just the liner!

What are your thoughts on make-up for guys?
A friend of mine is a rock star and he wears eyeliner on stage and it looks good on him but, generally, guys should probably stay away from make-up. If my husband went near my liner, I’d kill him!

And are you an exercise fan?
I used to send a lot more time working out. Now I’d rather spend time either sleeping or playing with my daughter.

Are you an age-gracefully girl or a fight-it-all-the-way girl?
I think I might be an age-gracefully girl. My mom will do whatever it takes but my grandmother aged gracefully and I look most like her. Her beauty regime was bizarre – Vaseline on the face and lipstick on her cheeks! She had no wrinkles forever and was very beautiful. She always looked amazing.

So is it never say never with surgery?
Oh, for sure. Talk to me in 10 years!

Jessica Alba is a brand ambassador for Revlon Make-up.

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